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About Us: Ozark Meats

Ozark Meats is a full service butcher shop located in Grandin, Mo. We slaughter USDA Inspected and Custom Exempt beef, pork, lamb, and goat. Since 2004 it has been our tradition to offer quality, honest work at a convenient price. 
Noah Cross started Ozark Meats after growing up in his fathers meat shop. Based on the incredible work ethic and standard of his farther, Ron, Ozark Meats was build piece by piece. It continues to grow today as we service small town grocers and restaurants all over the area. 
The Bankhead family now owns Ozark Meats and is 100% dedicated to delivering the highest quality service. Based on full transparency and hard work, we take pride in our services. 

Man in Farm

Christian Bankhead
Manager, Vice-President
Christian studied Biology at the University of Brigham Young. He enjoys spending time with his wife & son in the outdoors.

Meet the Team

austin williams.jpg

Austin Williams
Plant Manager
Austin embodies a cowboy with a heart. As a plant manager he is constantly helping our staff be their very best. 


Kirk Schott
Process Manager
Kirk works hard to schedule and humanly manage every animal that comes through Ozark Meats. Kirks big smile and warm hugs make him a crowd favorite.


Judy Kropf
Front End Manager, HACCP Coordinator
Judy is the glue that holds Ozark Meats together. Her knowledge of processes and recipes comes from years of experience. 

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Oswaldo Aleman
Senoir Butcher

Waldo ran his family's butcher in Guatemala before coming to work at Ozark Meats. His experience and skill have earned him Ozark Meats "Butcher of the Year" 3 years running.


Tyler Crumley
Aux. Manager
Tyler's ambition to learn has moved him quickly into management positions. He enjoys duck hunting and fishing.

Smiling Young Woman

Becca Bedoy
Front Desk Attendent 
Becca runs the front desk with kindness and order. She coordinates with Farmers, Grocers, and customers 

General Manager Portrait

Dylan Davidson
Kill Floor Personel
Operating the kill floor is no small task. Dylan manages it with ease and safely and humanely dispatches each animal at Ozark Meats.

Smiling Girl

Starr Ogden
Packaging Specialist
Quality airtight packaging ensures each cut lasts for year. Starr takes pride in her work and precision packaging capabilities. 

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