USDA Inspected Butchering

Sell your animals to restaurants, in Farmer's Markets, or across state lines. USDA Inspection allows you to reach more markets across America.

 -$50.00 Kill fee

-$0.60 per lb rail weight
-We offer a variety of premium items such as summer sausage, snack sticks, hamburger patties, boneless cuts and more. 


USDA Requirements:

-USDA Inspectors must be present during slaughter process to verify certain criteria. please call with two weeks minimum to ensure USDA inspector is available. 
-In general animals presented for slaughter must be healthy and mobile. Animals with infection and injury run the risk of being disqualified by the USDA and the carcass must be destroyed. Ozark Meats has no control over this decision.
-Animals must be designated over or under 30 months at the time of slaughter. Animals over 30 months may not contain any vertebrae in their cuts (T-bone, Neck Bones).
-USDA requires all animals meet the withdrawal periods of any antibiotics, hormones, or treatments. 

Custom Designed Labels: