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Covid-19 & Local Processing

Covid-19 sure did change the way we do things. We learned to wash our hands more often, cover our mouths and to buy local. Here at Ozark Meats we have had some incredible challenges as well that have been overcome by our amazing team. We had an exposure to Covid, forcing multiple employees into quarantine during the busiest we have ever been. Then, we had a terrible tornado knock out power for 3 days. Since then we have been working at a 110% pace to catch up. We appreciate everyones patience as we catch up. At the moment we are booked on slaughter appointments until June of 2021. We see this changing in the near future. We are currently looking to expand, hire more staff for full second shift, and expect a few cancelations. With this we expect more appointments to be available in the near future. As far as inventory, we are catching up on having our inventory back up and complete. We expect in the next few weeks to have all items completely in stock. Bundles should be back available here very soon. Thanks again to all those that continue to support us with your business! You help keep meat quality and local.

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